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Bonnie McLean

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Art Conservation Services

Bonnie McLean is a fine art conservation specialist with the training, knowledge and expertise to perform a variety of conservation activities on easel and wall paintings, frames and polychrome sculptures, which have been damaged, either through mishandling, fire, smoke and water, or merely the passage of time.


Ms McLean has a Master of Art Conservation and a Bachelor of Arts (Art History) from Queen's University, Kingston ON, with 15+ years experience in treating fine art objects from both the public and private sector.


Ms McLean is a member of the Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property (CAC) and abides the CAC Code of Ethics, copies of which are available upon request.


She is available for onsite consultations in Southern and Eastern Ontario and will treat paintings (ie. large format and wall paintings) in situ.

The creative process is ongoing.† Every project is a new journey of discovery.† From a simple notion, the piece evolves taking on a totally unpredictable life of its own.† Each painting is a sharing of the artistís experience and ideals.† Each art doll is unique; using colour,† texture, and subtle detailing to provoke a feeling of delight and bring a smile to the face of the viewer.


ďWhat is most important is to bring yourself to the art.† If you appreciate the paintings just from a design sense, enjoying the color and patterns and shapes, thatís great.†† If the humor and whimsy capture your attention, wonderful.† And if you become involved in the image, returning again and again to look, to ponder, to participate, to challenge the known solutions, to make connections, and to recharge your own creativity, thatís really what a journey of the imagination is all about.Ē

James Christensen (A Journey of the Imagination)†


If you have a painting or fine art object that you think requires attention, please call to arrange for a consultation.